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Walking Dead Negan's outfit

In the horror Sci-Fi TV series The Walking Dead, Negan is one of the villains you enjoy watching. You know you’ll be entertained when he’s around: it’s like when you lift the top off a snake nut can, and the toy spring shoots out and smacks you in the face, but instead of a spring, it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan… with a bat.  Why not portray your favorite actor Negan costume here if you’re seeking a quick and affordable idea? While any dark jacket and red scarf would suffice, his distinctive baseball bat Lucille distinguishes him as a Walking Dead figure. Who doesn’t have one of them in their possession? Make it a collective effort by dressing up as other characters from the show. Anyway, we’ve put up this comprehensive tutorial if you want to look like Negan from The Walking Dead.

Guide to Negan outfit

Check out Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s interpretation of Negan for our readers in our complete guide on dressing like him:

Walking Dead Jacket
Walking Dead Jacket

Negan Leather Jacket

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan motorcycle jacket in The Walking Dead is entirely black, made of leather, and has two horizontal front pocket zippers. One can also call it a motorcycle jacket because of its style. Although it was constructed specifically for the program, a high-quality duplicate is available on our website for loving Fans of the most appreciated series.

Negan Black Leather Jacket
Negan Black Leather Jacket

Satin Square Scarf

In The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan character wears a soft bandana or scarf that is solid red in color. Instead of buying a bandana that can be too small, we propose utilizing this scarf with square-shaped satin fabric, which allows you to adapt it to your neck size, making it more comfortable and attractive.

Walking Dead Shirt

Long Sleeve Bamboo T-Shirt

In the famous series The Walking Dead, your favorite character Negan is displayed with long sleeves white shirt as an inside layer of leather jacket which definitely matches and increases the actor’s charm. If you have always believed layering was a difficult task, then we are here to help you that there’s a shirt that goes with any jacket. Yes, you predicted, right. A basic white shirt goes with every cardigan or jacket you can find anywhere on the planet!

Walking Dead Gloves

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan glove (yep, only one) is a plain black leather glove that he wears on his right hand in The Walking Dead. The purpose seems for the gloves in the series was clearly to hold Negan’s baseball bat to protect his hands from the roughness, but it has become the style for many people who are inspired by the series, and yet the gloves are available on our website.

Negan Belt
Negan Belt

Not only the jacket, shirt, or gloves, but Negan’s belt is also appreciated by the fans and is a part of his costume. It is a slender brown leather belt that is quite similar to a copy of the original belt available with us here.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan wears dark grey chinos in his Negan role on The Walking Dead. The pants are expensive and have authentic polyester and cotton fabric, which is part of Negan’s Costume for a relaxed, adventurous look.

In The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan character wears black leather boots with a buckle in the middle and on top. You must believe that guy heel boots are inconvenient and unsettling, and they are, on the contrary, exceedingly light and comfy. The jacket and belt go with this Bikers wear heel boots to reduce the risk of injury is a complete package of the attire.

In The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan character utilizes Lucille, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, as his weapon of choice. First and foremost, this isn’t genuine, yet it appears to be. So, the next time you want to have the complete look of Negan, this is the way to go and get this along with other essentials. A life-size duplicate may be seen here. When you’re not using it, we recommend displaying it in a window box on your wall as a piece of art too.

So we have presented you with a whole look at Negan, the fearsome Saviors’ leader played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan on AMC’s The Walking Dead. With this killer Negan Costume, you can make an outstanding impression in elegance, exactly like Negan in The Walking Dead season 6 finale.

The outfit guide includes all the necessary items which the Actor wears to Dress up for a zombie attack a Men’s Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket, Men’s Long-Sleeve white shirt, Men’s Straight pants, Genuine Leather Combat Boots, and a Solid Red satin scarf. Lead the Saviors in style by completing this look with a Brown Genuine Leather Belt, Silver Barbed Wire Garland, and Louisville Slugger Bat.

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