Overview Of the Various Tuxedo Styles

Tuxedo Styles
Tuxedo Styles

Did you know that the trendy Prince Edward VII wanted a formal lounge suit without all the flashy embellishments of the traditional tailcoat in 1865, thereby introducing the tuxedo to the world? People often use Tuxedos for black-tie or formal occasions. They are offered in various hues, lapel designs, and fits. Just to quickly clarify, a tuxedo is the legal equivalent of a suit. It often features satin-covered buttons and a satin lapel, which adds an attractive touch. We’ll show you the different Tuxedo Styles and how to dress them in this style guide. Stay tuned for some serious fashion, from the timeless black tuxedo to the bright-colored tuxedo!

To produce a contemporary and outstanding style, one must pay additional attention to the details. To help you decide whether to wear a suit or a tuxedo and give you some attractive looks, we have compiled the best Tuxedo Styles for guys.

Classic Tuxedo with Notch Lapels

The most popular suit lapel style is the notch lapel. Both suits and tuxedos come in this style. Although it is not the traditional tuxedo design, the notch lapel is highly popular since people are accustomed to it and feel comfortable wearing it. This time-honored design will endure, as it has done for more than 150 years. The folded flaps that frame the neck and chest are what we mean when we speak about the tux coat’s lapel. The little notch that was carved out of the suit’s collar is why this design is known as the “notch lapel.” A bow tie and patent leather shoes are typically worn with this look. Check out our website, and you can find the tuxedo with a notched lapel for individuals who like to dance more freely and with less sweat. Our tuxedo styles made of performance fabric are the most comfortable and breathable ones on the market, thanks to stretch fabric.

Tuxedo Shawl

This traditional shawl lapel tuxedo is slick and stylish, plus you can shake or stir in it. The lapel’s ability to smoothly wrap around the neck in one move distinguishes it as a fashion classic. This particular tuxedo design is well-known for its James Bond appeal in numerous infamous movies, but it looks great on anyone, in any event! You can find our new double-breasted vest is a beautiful addition to this tuxedo styles for an ultra-chic appearance. This design offers the tuxedo a modern appearance, and its rounded edges are what define it. On suits, this design is not particularly prevalent. On coats with contrasting lapels in different hues, several methods are available.

Colored Tuxedos

The traditional tuxedo comes in black or white, although other bright colors are also frequently seen at weddings and red carpet events. A splash of color may also be used to liven up conventional decor. The colors of the stylish tuxedo include burgundy, navy blue, and grey. These looks may complement any wedding design style with a few little stylistic tweaks.

Framed Lapel

The slim satin trim in a contrasting hue is ideal if you want a tuxedo with a more edgy appearance. Alternatively, a framed lapel in the same shade as the coat is appropriate for you if you want to wear a tuxedo with only a little amount of satin. As explained, our outfit can veer between a casual and formal look thanks to the framed lapel design. The lapel’s outer edge is covered in satin rather than the entire garment. Its ability to be worn with a bow tie or a long tie makes it the ideal tuxedo for elegant beach or winery weddings.

The White Tuxedo & Dinner Jacket

There are two options when wearing the timeless white tuxedo look: the white with a black shawl lapel or the classic white dinner jacket look. The term “dinner jacket” refers to a jacket with a shawl lapel that is constructed from the same fabric as the body of the jacket. In our opinion, black slacks and a black bow tie go great with either of these outfits. The White Dinner Jacket is a distinctive appearance for any formal themed gatherings or weddings, even though it usually contains no satin. James Bond and The Great Gatsby contributed to this style’s success. This trend has practically always been present at red carpet arrivals! Usually, the dinner jacket is worn with black pants and a black bow tie.

Peak Lapel

One of the more common lapel styles on the red carpet is the peak lapel. Additionally, it is more formal and stylized than the others.


There are several alternatives for tuxedo shirts, lapels, and even colors, but when it comes to ties, there are only two possibilities: a bow tie or a necktie. Since the beginning, bow ties have been preferred with tuxedos over neckties because they are more formal and buttoned-up, but now that people are using their creativity to customize their wedding outfits, the interest in neckties has undoubtedly changed.

Bow Tie

Remember that self-tie versions are the sole option; you can take help from friends or family to learn how to tie with fashion to assist you the morning of the wedding.


Neckties can also work if you want to do something different with your squad’s facial expression. A man wearing a bow tie or neckties can create a dynamic look for an ensemble.

The Trendy Patterned Tuxedo

We adore tuxedos with patterns, and we support everything, even the slightest nuances and extravagant fashion. Employing certain enjoyable accessories might apply patterns to any wedding theme you’re looking for.

Black Paisley Tuxedo

The black paisley Tuxedo Styles is now sophisticated and well-designed. It’s appropriate that people pay attention to this tuxedo. We adore how our first groom accessorized his ensemble with a stylish grey velvet bow tie and a double-breasted vest. Any black-tie occasion may be livened up with this outfit.

Velvet Tuxedo Perfection

Leading fashion luminaries Billy Porter, Chris Evans, Henry Golding, and Jason Mamoa are just a few examples of those who have embraced the splendor of velvet. Everything you need to create a stylish statement is in our velvet collection.

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