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The Suicide Squad Jacket and Costume Collection

Suicide Squad 2 is successfully running in cinemas around the world. The first movie of the series was released in 2016, and now after five years, the director is back with a ban. The new movie has some new characters and a lot of new costumes and dresses. Outfits have played an important role in the success of this movie. All the dresses complement the character so well that we cannot imagine a character in any other costume. Let’s have a look at the dresses and outfits which won the hearts of viewers.

Costume jackets for costume parties

Suicide Squad is about unusual characters. Many characters like rat catcher, savant, and Harley Quinn existed in comics only. We have seen the first time on screen in Suicide squad. Director has maintained the key features of all the characters and has powered them with unique costumes. Jackets of dead shot, Javelin, and blackguard are examples of these outfits. You can wear them for any costume party, and people will recognize the character immediately. Polka dot man is another popular character with a never seen before costume. The red and black leather outfit of Harley Quinn is also very popular among young girls. You can wear these dresses if you want to get all the attention at any party.

Stylish vests for trend lovers

Suicide squad is not about jackets only; we have seen some very exclusive vests as well. Vests are a very versatile type of clothing, which you can wear in summers with a T-shirt and winters with a high–neck sweater. Property of joker batman black vest is one unique outfit with silver rings. Mongol vest and TDK vest are also very unusual and give a stylish look. The young generation, who want to experiment with their looks, can buy them at affordable prices.

Trendy jackets for everyday use

In the suicide squad, characters have not worn the costumes only, but we have seen some stylish outfits which you can use for everyday activities. They are not the costumes, but they have a slightly unusual tough, making them stylish and trendy. For instance, Rat catcher’s black long coat, Harley Quinn’s white leather jacket, and red hoodie. Satin jacket in blue and red is very simple, but it has written “Property of Joker” written on the back. Katana jackets and slim-fit killer black hoodie can also be used for any activity. They are suitable for almost every age group. So, people who want a subtle suicide squad fashion can enjoy wearing all these outfits.

Party dresses for women

Besides vests and jackets, we have seen some stylish party dresses and how we can forget the red dresses with lots of fringes that Harley Quinn has worn. Manda Waller’s pink blazer also became the town’s talk, as it was so decently stylish. Amanda has worn a simple white jacket as well, which is perfect for any working lady.

Suicide squad has some simple options.

We see some simple outfits in such a well-crafted movie. Harley Quinn’s black puffer coat is very simple, which anyone can wear in harsh winter. Thinker blazer is also a simple blazer perfect for every age group. Tyla’s black hoodie jacket has fur lining, which can be a perfect choice for winters. The yellow T-shirt with an image of all the characters on the chest is also a good choice for the fans of this movie.
We manufacture all these dresses with the best quality material. We aim to provide stylish and trendy dresses to our clients at an affordable price. There are no hidden charges and taxes; we deliver dresses according to the images shown on our website. Our customer care staff works round the clock to facilitate our clients. You can get every kind of information by contacting our team. Buy these unique looking dresses and give a stylish look to your personality.

The Suicide Squad FAQs

Q: Are all the costumes and dresses of the Suicide squad are available here?

A: Yes, all the vests, jackets, shirts, and other dresses are available here. We regularly update our store, and you can get all the latest products from movies and Tv shows here.

Q: Is suicide squad is a horror movie?

A: No, suicide squad is a unique movie of its kind. In this movie, the director has collected all the famous villains of the industry. So, the movie is about many negative characters, but it’s not a horror film.

Q: Suicide squad 2 is a remake or first movie, or it’s a sequel?

A: suicide squad is connected to the first movie of the series, but we cannot call it a sequel. It has a different storyline and some new characters as well. The plot of the movie is in the same universe, but the story is different.

Q: Which are the new characters in suicide squad 2?

A: Will Smith has played the role of dead shot in Suicide squad 1. But in this film, Idris Elba has replaced him. Other than that, there is no major change in characters.

Q: If I like a dress, but my size is not available in the size chart, what should I do?

A: It’s not a problem; we manufacture dresses according to the standard size chart. If you want a customized dress, you can place a customized order, and we can make the dress according to your given size.

Q: Are all the dresses are manufactured with leather material?

A: No, we make dresses according to the material they are made with. We have leather jackets, satin jackets, woolen dresses, and cotton shirts. We recreate the same dress for our clients in the same material, but at a much affordable price.

Q: If I want an outfit in large quantity, can I get that?

A: Yes, you can place the order in any number, but for larger orders, it will take more time. You can ask our customer care members, and they can answer all your queries.

Q: What is the running time for suicide squad 2?

A: It’s a long movie as compared to usual movies. It’s running time is 2 hours and 10 minutes approx.

Q: who has played the role of peace maker in this movie?

A: The famous wrestler, John Cena is plying this vital role in this movie. People like his role as a killer.

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