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The 355 Lin Mi Sheng Black Jacket


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Bingbing Fan The 355 Lin Mi Sheng Cotton Black Jacket

The 355 is a movie that is not yet released. However, the trailers have already been out, and many fans are following them very seriously. This movie will be equipped with a seamless cast, and we can see that Lin Mi Sheng has performed the role of Fan Bingbing in the movie. This jacket is so comfortable, and the fans would love to have hands-on it at all times.

This The 355 Lin Mi Sheng Jacket is made with cotton material and is suitable for wearing on all kinds of occasions throughout the year.

The base color is black, and the front side has a closure of buttons at the front, making it a perfect choice to grab. There are pockets on the front side; the collars are wide and appear very interesting in their layout. The sizes are offered in a significant variety, and these sizes may be customized as well. The best part about having this jacket is the perfect endless comfort that you will enjoy by having hands on it.


  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Black
  • Closure: Buttons at front


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