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Stanley Beren Hustle 76ers Jacket


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Adam Sandler Philadelphia Oversized Hustle 76ers Stanley Beren Jacket

Many fans love the role of Stanley Beren in the movie Hustle; Adam Sandler plays it. They do not only love him for his acting but also for the way he dresses up, the way he carries himself, and how he pulls his role. He is one of the most amazing actors and looks great in this movie as well.
The Hustle 76ers Jacket is very nicely manufactured and features a blend of colors like red, blue, and a touch of white. The front closure is button-based, there is a logo at the front, and the back has a text printed and embossed. The sleeves are in full length, and these sleeves feature three colors. The inner lining is viscose-based and offers endless comfort to anyone wearing it in the longer run. People fans of this celebrity would love having this Stanley Beren 76ers Jacket in their desired sizes.

Product Specifications:

  • Color: Red, blue and white
  • Closure: Buttons in front
  • Pockets: Two side pockets
  • Lining: Viscose inner
  • Front: Logo on the chest
  • Back: Text at the back “Sixes.”
  • Layout: Loose fitting
  • Sleeves: Full in length with three colors


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