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Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have been intractably linked with motorcycle riders since their inception. If you look at old adverts of Harley Davidson or any other Japanese motorcycle, you will find that the models riding and doing pillion riding have always worn leather jackets. Professional racers are always dressed up in leather jackets carrying stickers of all sorts of companies. Because of their ruggedness and macho image, bike riders have never even thought of their gear made of anything other than leather. The basic objective of gear used by motorcycle riders is to keep them protected in case of an accident. Leather is a fabric that fulfills this requirement wonderfully. It is thick and rugged and yet soft enough to feel comfortable to the rider. It keeps the rider safe from abrasions and cuts that are frequent and common with motorcycling. Riders wearing leather jackets are able to avoid many types of injuries. It was in 1953 with the release of the movie The Wild One that motorcycle leather jacket caught the fancy of millions of men and women. Marlon Brando portrayed the character of Johnny who wore black leather jacket and rode a motorcycle in this movie. Since then, leather jackets and motorcycles have become inseparable with many other celebrities wearing it in movies. One big reason why all men and women passionate about bike riding choose motorcycle leather jacket as their outerwear is because it makes their personality impressive. A leather jacket has a certain youthful and rugged appeal that is not found in any other fabric. You can easily catch the attention of everyone around you when you are seen riding a bike wearing a leather jacket.


Prime Jackets has always paid special attention to the requirement of motorcycle leather jackets of its customers. Our leather jackets are crafted to perfection by a team of skilled craftsmen who never compromise with the quality of accessories that go into making these garments. This is the reason why every single motorcycle leather jacket sold on our website is a masterpiece in itself. These leather jackets are designed to last longer and to keep performing at a high level for a long time to come.Prime Jacket makes large numbers of styles of men’s biker jackets. Some designs are classic and timeless and thus repeated by the company year after year for those who want to wear the leather jacket that remains in vogue at all times. We also introduce new and attractive designs of men’s biker jackets for our customers who are always searching for new and fashionable leather jackets.You can choose not one but several men’s biker jackets from our website to look smart and fashionable in front of your friends in the outdoors. With different neck styles and the use of multiple zips and studs, you will find that you have many options according to your liking on the website of Prime Jackets. Asymmetric zip and leather belt on the waist are some features that are never out of fashion.


Womenfolk are not lagging behind their male counterparts when it comes to wearing biker jackets. Though most of the women’s biker jackets are more of a fashion statement, there is no compromise in their quality and craftsmanship. Women prefer wearing body hugging leather jackets that enhance their feminine curves. Most of the biker jackets on display on the website of Prime Jackets are short and slim fit. However, you will also find long leather jackets and even overcoats for those who do not feel comfortable in very short jackets. If you are a girl passionate about biking, you will find lots of beautiful biker jackets on our website that are not just good looking and classy but also highly comfortable. You will also find replicas of biker jackets worn by celebrities to help you look beautiful and smart just like your favorite actress.

women's Biker Leather jacket