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Mortal Kombat Merch – Vests and Jackets Collection

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace. Every day we have new gears and gadgets to fulfill our needs and make things simpler for us. Easy access to the internet has also brought a revolution in our lives, and now shopping, education, and entertainment are associated with the internet. Video games have also become part of our lives, and now it’s hard to find a person who does not play these games. The game was a thing for young kids, but now everyone plays them and enjoys these interactive games, which are very addictive.
Mortal Kombat is also a popular video game, which was released in 1992 initially. It’s a series of video games that release a new version from time to time. The previous part of this console game was released in April 2019, which was Mortal Kombat 11.

The next part will be released in 2023. This game is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, and other popular gaming gadgets. All the parts of this series are popular, and more than 12 million copies of Mortal kombat 11 have been sold worldwide, so we can call it a big success. There are many reasons behind the success of this game, and one of them is the costumes. The characters have worn some very stylish costumes. Everyone loves them, no matter if he is the player of the game or not.
To satisfy the requirements of our customers, we have added a separate section in our store for the Mortal Kombat Outfits. You can easily find your required costume here.

We have a wide range of products, manufactured with different materials. You can choose anyone you like. We have manufactured them in all the standard sizes, from XX-Small to 4X – Large; you can easily select your size. If it’s not available in our collection, you can place a customized order according to your size, and we can make it for you.
We have a wide range of vests, jackets, and coats in this collection. Vests are quite popular in this category; you can get Johnny Cage’s grey vest, Jex Vest, and Johnny’s green vest.

These are very stylish and not just the costumes, but you can easily wear them in daily life. The colors are dark, which are easy to match with trousers. Wear them in winter as a layer, and in summer, with your favorite T-shirt, they will look perfect both ways.
People also like Mortal kombat Jackets, and we have many of them in our collection. Some popular choices are John Rombo cotton jacket, Scorpion hooded jacket, John Cage Bluejacket, Jason’s distressed jacket, and Terry Bograd’s red jacket. These jackets are available in different colors like red, blue, yellow, green and black. Match them with the trouser of your choice and get a unique look.

Other than men’s outfits, women’s outfits are also part of our collection. Cassie Cage’s punk jacket is very popular among girls; the unique design and best quality material make it a top pick in this category. The Shang Tsung coat is one of the best sellers. A leather coat is suitable for costume parties and any friends’ party too. We are offering all these outfits at an affordable price. You can also get a discount to save more money.
Despite the low price, we do not compromise on quality. We use the best quality fabric, either leather, cotton, wool, or any other material. It’s not about the fabric, but we use the best quality accessories too. Zippers, hooks, buttons, and belts, everything is top-notch quality. Professionals also do stitching, so our customer has no complaints about the quality of stitching.

We offer the home delivery of the product, and you can get it at your doorsteps. Get your favorite product and enjoy a unique look, which no one can match!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Was Mortal Kombat a success in 2021?

A: Yes, the game is a huge success this year. Till July 2021, more than 73 million copies of the game were sold. 

Q: Is Mortal Kombat 11 the last game of the series?

A: No, Mortal Kombat 12 is also announced by the makers. The next game will be released in 2023. In-game 11, makers have added 12 new characters after the release, and now the update is officially finished. 

Q: Is Mortal Kombat free?

A: No, it’s a paid game. PlayStation players can download the free demo to see the interface of the game. After that, the price of the game is $14 only. 

Q: What is the appropriate age to play this game?

A: Mortal Kombat is a fighting game, and it is not suitable for young kids. Adults, more than 18 years of age can play it. However, there are some strong violent sequences, so it’s not appropriate for children. 

Q: Is this game played on the phone?

A: Yes, the smartphone version of the game is also available, which can be played on Android devices and iPhones. 

Q: Was Mortal Kombat banned?

A: The part of the game, released in 2011, was banned in a few countries like Australia and South Korea. Other than that, the games faced no ban ever. 

Q: Are all the costumes manufactured with cotton?

A: No, we have used different materials according to the nature of outfits. You can get cotton and leather jackets both. For vests, we have used the best quality parachute material. All the outfits are not manufactured with cotton; a variety of materials is available for different people. 

Q: Is there any discount on these products?

A: All our products are economical in quality. To save money for our customers, we also offer huge discounts on each product mentioned with each product. Furthermore, we also offer free shipping around the world, which saves your delivery charges as well. So, if you calculate the whole price, you will realize these products are available at a very low cost for our customers. 

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