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Mens Waxed Leather Jackets Collection

The jacket is a popular outfit, the history of which is centuries old. Due to advancements in technology we have a wide range of jackets available now. Waxed jackets are one of the earlier versions of this outfit. In the past, cotton fabric was made water-resistant by using paraffin and other materials to avoid the wetting of the outfit. Hunters, fishermen, and shooters were the common users of such outerwear. Common people were also used to wearing these Mens Waxed Jacket in the rainy season. In the absence of waterproof material, they were used to serve the same purpose.

Now we have many waterproof materials, and waxed jackets are not very common, but they are part of our fashion industry even now. Previously, cotton was the base material, but now people love leather. Waterproof jackets are available now a day, but traditions have their value. People love waxed jackets, as they look very stylish and provide the required protection as well. The only drawback of these outfits is, they are not breathable. But when it’s rainy outside or there is a chance of rain, protection is the priority. You can wear these dresses outside the house or when you are getting ready for an adventure. Hikers, fishers, and people traveling at rainy places must have a waxed jacket in their luggage.

To fulfill the requirements of our customers, we have a wide range of Mens Waxed Jacket. We have leather waxed jackets in our collection too. Bluejacket is the most popular in this category, as it is easy to match with light and dark all color of trousers. The red jacket with a lot of pockets is popular among young men. Zip enclosed pockets give a lot of room to keep valuable things safe. You can find different shades of brown as well. We have used genuine leather to make these products. All of them are available in all standard sizes, from XX-Small to 4X – Large. You can place customized orders as well.

It’s not about leather quality only; we use the best quality zippers, hooks, buttons, and belts. The inner lining is also very durable and gives a comfortable feel to the body. All the products in this category are very stylish and designed by our talented designers. We give prime importance to the stitching as well. You will not find any tangling threads or broken stitches. We use the latest waxing techniques to make outfits the best available option in the market.

Moreover, we are offering them at an affordable price. You can use the discount code to enjoy the discount on each product. We offer free shipping around the world to facilitate our customers.

You can buy any of these outfits; each one has a unique design and is manufactured with the best material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of Mens Waxed Jacket?

A: These jackets are used to keep the body not only warm but dry as well. The waxed layer provides protection and does not allow the water to reach the surface of the fabric.

Q: How can I use a waxed jacket?

A: A waxed jacket can be used as the outer layer with any dress. You can wear sweaters, a cardigan or hoodie and wear this jacket with that. Different colors are available to choose one according to your taste.

Q: What is the suitable season to wear it?

A: They were manufactured for the rainy seasons to avoid getting soaked in the rain. But being leather jackets, they provide warmth as well, so you can use them in cold and rainy seasons.

Q: Can I wash the Mens Waxed Jacket?

A: use of detergent or soap will destroy the waxed layer of the outfit. So, washing with chemicals is not recommended. Get it dry cleaned and hang it in a well-ventilated place to get it completely dry before storing it in the closet.

Q: Are Waxed jackets durable?

A: leather is a natural material, which you can use for a year. A wax layer does not make it any less strong. You can use waxed jackets for years, and they will not create any problem.

Q: How to take care of a waxed jacket?

A: to clean everyday dust and dirt, you can use a damp cloth soaked in cold water. Do not use hot water for cleaning and washing in the machine is not recommended. The use of wax dressing will keep it new for a long. If mold grows on your outfit, you can use a cloth damped in white vinegar to clean it. A little rubbing will remove the mold from your jacket.

Q: Can any material be waxed to make an outfit?

A: Usually, natural materials like cotton and leather are used to make waxed outfits. They have natural pores in which wax can stick, and we can use them for years. Syntactic materials like polyester and satin do not provide the required surface which is necessary for the wax. So, you can find cotton and leather waxed jackets only.

Q: Can you deliver these Mens Waxed Jacket to my home?

A: Yes, we offer a home delivery service to our customers. You can select the product and place an order online. Once you complete the payment procedure, we will dispatch the product to your given address. You will receive the delivery within seven to ten working days.

Q: Can I use these jackets as biker jackets?

A: Yes, we have a biker’s leather jacket in our collection. You can use any of these jackets for riding and any outdoor activity. They are manufactured with the best quality leather, and waxing is just an extra quality they have. It provides extra protection to the fabric and your body as well.

Q: Do you accept Visa Card?

A: Yes, we accept visa cards, master cards, and payment through PayPal too. Our payment methods are completely secure, and we don’t compromise on our client’s personal information and account information. You can choose your preferred payment method, and we will deliver the product to your home.

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