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Leather Blazers for Men and Women Collection

Leather Blazers might seem like a very old piece of fabric popular during the Colonial period. However, this fabric has ruled the world in new and different ways while maintaining its classic touch across three centuries. One of the best qualities of blazers is that it fits well on almost any occasion. 

You might commonly say that the attire is only a blazer for men. But this is not the case since it also comes for women as well. Secondly, this trend is no longer limited to professional settings but also the most eccentric and casual gatherings and walk outs too.

So, no time to lose as we dive into some of the best and also some of the funky blazer trends that would leave you with total awe.

Leather Blazers For Men

The leather blazers for men are designed to fit the masculinity and modesty of men. As we all know when the trend was popularized, it was mostly dominated by the men, which included the trench coat, which would later be transitioned into a whole different thing moving forward.

Leather Blazers For Men as we know it are mostly seen under the professional settings, especially the ones with the corporate backgrounds. The leather blazers come in different styles, which adds a good taste while also brimming with confidence and intelligence at the same time.

If you think that this is only for the corporate stuff, then you did be wrong because these can also be styled for casual occasions as well. Most of the men would style the blazer with different clothing to add a somewhat funky look to their apparel while amazing people around him.

Leather Blazers For Women

Leather blazers might mean that it is for men. But, you might ask, can the women have the same kind of attire for themselves? Sure. The Leather blazers for women provides a variation that fits the beauty and modesty of every woman while adding something unique to the table.

Whether it is about a business proposal or just going out in the winter, the leather blazers for women are made for just about anything as it offers more fancy variations than the traditional ones seen in mens. The reason it is very unique is because it comes in different styles.

The women can get the most out of it since they can style the leather blazers with either unique sleeves or length. The choices are limitless for women as leather blazers for women offer a wide selection of styles to have, ranging from leather fabric to a combination of many others. 

Features and Styles of Leather Blazer

The material for the blazer is mostly leather. However, the leather material also uses various variations as well. These can range from suede leather to the genuine leather created from the animal skin. The leather blazers primarily add a silky sheen in the inner part of it as it adds a little different side to the traditional attire.

The latest variation to the blazers can be that of the cotton and wool, which are commonly used for creating outerwears consisting of the printed patterns as worn by the sports athlete and celebrities. 

Another material is the velvet leather, which gives the blazers a silky sheen not just from the inside but also from the outside.


The most notable feature of the leather blazers is the maximum number of pockets, which also comes with various variations such as the flaps or even the button up ones. Secondly, another feature is the common lapel style collar, which can be seen over many blazers.

The button’s closure has been common with the blazers, which is also being incorporated in the sports and varsity jackets.


The pick of the color is most commonly the darker ones as these feel more realistic on the leather blazers while also offering contrast to the light color shirts underneath. However, having a light color blazer will also look good on a shirt of dark colors. The reason this works well is because it provides a great deal of contrast while ensuring visibility among the crowd.

However, most of the people even consider adding lighter colors like a whole white outfit, which also adds for a unique taste in fashion.

Caring for the Blazer

Whether it is leather blazers for men or women, both require a careful amount of care while ensuring that they do not start to look pale. If you are saying that the celebrities do not care for the blazer since they only get to wear it once, then you are totally wrong. Even they have someone to look after their stuff.

Leather blazers require a large amount of attention such as being cleaned up on a regular basis in order to eliminate the dust that it has absorbed. It is important because the dust particles can ruin the color and appearance. 

One more thing, don’t wash it with a rough detergent as it can make the blazer suffer from more damage. Just washing it with your hands is way better than using a brush since it can even damage the color. No matter what you buy, safety always comes first.

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Is the leather used in your jackets original?

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