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Joker Jacket, Coats, Hoodies & T-Shirts

When we talk about the supervillains in the history of cinema, Joker is an iconic one. The criminal tactics of the character have earned millions of fans. The character is a lethal combination of evil and humor. The supervillain has a very interesting rivalry with Batman. Hadge Ledger is the real face of a joker, but in the suicide squad, Jared Leto has played the character. If you are a Joker fan, we have an incredible collection of Joker outfits here. You can enjoy the charm of a joker just by wearing these iconic dresses. We have a category of Joker Jacket, where you can easily find any dress of your choice.

To replicate the Joker look, we have a huge collection of leather jackets, blazers, suits, and coats. All these outfits are not only comfortable but very durable too.

If you are looking for stylish common wear, a Joker Jacket is the best available option. The logo of the joker on the left side of the chest is enough to make a statement. Wear it with black pair of jeans or blue trousers; it looks superb with anything. The black coat with a large fur collar is the one that the joker has worn in curfew. You can get the same stylish feel and perfect comfort at an affordable price.

The long purple coat is the signature style of Joker. The full-length coat is suitable for costume parties and theme parties. We also have an iconic red joker suit of joker in our collection. You can get a complete outfit, coat, pants, and a stylish yellow vest. It will give you a typical joker look, and your friends will recognize you at once. Another casual wear in our collection is the Joker Jacket. It’s perfect for any outdoor activity, and you will get the graceful joker to look without much effort.

Joker is not all about movies, but it is an essential part of the video game world. In Batman Arkham, we have seen him in a very stylish trench coat. The outfit is perfect for every day and will give you the perfect Joker feel as well. In the suicide squad, Harley Quinn was the girl of Joker. We have some stunning jackets related to this beautiful yet lethal girl. The red and Blue “Property of Joker” Joker Jacket is a signature joker outfit. The black jacket “Joker’s Wild” is a unique outfit of its kind.

As Halloween is approaching, a joker outfit will be the best choice for Halloween parties. Whether you like Suicide Squad or The Dark Knight, you can easily find the costume of your choice here. We have different costumes to match the taste and budgets of our customers. We also do customized orders. If you need to change an outfit and you want any alteration in size, we can do that for you. You can choose one according to your choice and rock the party!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the joker the real name of this character?

A: No, the real name of the Joker is Jack Napier. But people know him as Joker because his real name is hardly mentioned in movies.

Q: Is Joker a bad man since the beginning?

A: No, the joker was a comedian in the beginning. He was struggling with his career and, at the same time, had to take care of his family as well. He joined a gang of crooks to make some money. But unfortunately, his wife died, and the incident was like a trauma for him which made him Joker.

Q: How has the appearance of the joker changed?

A: Accidentally, he fell into a large tub of chemicals, which affected all his body. His skin becomes very white, his hair turns green, and his lips become red.

Q: What is the reason behind the popularity of the joker?

A: The combination of fun and cruelty makes the joker so famous. He acts very funnily in a moment but immediately becomes cruel. People know him as a psychotic villain who has a very creepy look.

Q: How many actors have played the character of Joker?

A: Joker is such a challenging character, which every actor wants to play. Various actors have played this role, including Cesar Romero, the first Joker in the Batman series in 996. Other than him, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, Kevin Michael, Jeff Bennet, Steve Blum, Hedge Ledger, Brent Spiner, Jared Leto, and Joaquin Phoenix have played Joker.

Q: Is there any dress code for Joker?

A: Joker is a very versatile character. We have seen him in very elegant attire. He has worn some funky jackets as well. So, we can not specify the dress code of the joker. However, the long purple trench coat best describes his personality, calling it his signature dress.

Q: Where can I get joker’s outfits?

A: if you are looking for Joker dresses, you can find all of them here at Prime jackets. We have a separate category for Joker outfits. We have a collection of joker outfits from various movies. We have these dresses in all sizes; if your size is unavailable, you can place a customized order. From suits to jackets to trench coats, we have a wide range of Joker Jacket here.

Q: Are these outfits manufactured with leather?

A: Prime jackets deal in leather products, but we use appropriate fabric according to the design. All products are not made with leather; we use wool, cotton, satin, parachute, and other fabrics. You can get the details about each product in its description.

Q: Are your prices fixed for all the products?

A: We don’t charge much for our products. We aim to provide the best product to our clients, and we do not compromise on quality. You can get a discount on all our products and take advantage of the free shipping facility as well. We do everything to serve our customers. Prices are mentioned with the products, and you will get them at your doorsteps; it will save a lot of your time and fuel.

Famous Quotes of Joker

Joker is an iconic character, and people love his quotes. They are commonly used in conversations now, and his fans enjoy repeating his words. Here are some famous Quotes from Joker, which you would love.

Why So Serious?

In the Movie “The Dark Knight,” When Joker was telling gambol about his scar, he recalled this scary incident. When his father and mother were fighting and had a knife in his hand, Joker was very scared. But his father came and asked, “why so serious, son?”. It was the time when he cut the mouth of Joker and said, let’s put a smile on that face”.

“I Believe whatever doesn’t kill you.”

This quote of joker shows the strength of his character and how closely he has seen the realities of life. He says, “I believe, whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stranger.” These words at the start of the movie reflect his ideas about life.

“We are destined to do this forever.”

At the end of the movie, the joker says these words just before his death. He says to Batman, “We are destined to do this forever.” He says so because he does not want to kill Batman and Batman was also not interested in the joker’s death, but it was their destiny.
“Now, I am always smiling.”
When batman came to rescue Rachel, Joker said,

“Now I am always smiling.”

Joker told her that he made scars on his wife’s face, and as a punishment, he made those scars on his face too, but his wife left him.

“very poor choice of words”

Joker was finding Harvey Dent, and he reached a party. Batman and Rachel were also at the same party. Joker took Rachel to the knifepoint, and Batman asked, “Let her go.” Joker replied, “Very poor choice of words,” and pushed Rachel out of the window.

“I am not a Monster.”

This Quote also belongs to the movie “The Dark Knight.” Joker tells Batman that he does not want to kill because Batman completes the Joker, and he further adds, “I am not a monster.”

“Guns are too quick.”

Joker is a psychotic criminal. He tells a detective that he loves to kill people with a knife because “guns are too quick.” He wants to enjoy the expressions of dying people. This quote shows the nasty side of his personality.

“Do I look like a guy with a plan?

Joker was trying to hide in the uniform of a nurse, but Harvey Dent recognized him. Joker says to him,

“Do I look like a guy with a plan?”

It means he does everything instinctively. He is not afraid of anything, so he does not need to plan things.

“If you are good at something, never do it for free.”

All the evil bosses hold a meeting to fight with Batman. Joker suggests killing Batman. The head says to the joker that you should have done it already if this is so simple. In response to this, the joker says,”If you are good at something, never do it for free.”

“Everything Burns!”

When the boss gives him a huge pile of cash, Joker burns it all up and says,” It’s not about money, it’s to send a message, everything Burns!”.

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