Distressed Leather Jacket
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Distressed Leather Jacket

Do you know why distressed leather jacket looks so appealing? In a store or even in real life where many solid color leather jackets are on display, it is the one with distressed leather that catches the attention of everyone else. There are many men and women who have this weakness for distress leather jackets though they dislike plain and solid color leather jackets. If you do not know, leather is treated with oils and alcohol to show a kind of discoloration that is referred to as distressed leather look. This weathered look of leather is so appealing to some individuals that they will not wear a simple leather jacket and always ask for distressed leather jacket


There are many methods of causing weathering of leather that produce varying degrees of discoloration in a finished leather jacket. This weathering can be achieved with a leather jacket irrespective of its color whether it is black, tan, maroon, or dark grey. The discoloration is not uniform at all the places and this is the real beauty of distressed leather jacket. You will not find same to same weathering effect in any 2 pieces even if they have been produced using the same discoloration method in the same factory.

Distressed leather jackets have been in fashion for a very long time. In fact, these jackets are alluring for all those people who hate the monotony of a single solid color on the outerwear. At Prime Jackets, we have mastered the art and craft of weathering of leather jackets through our own in house research and development. This is the reason why distressed leather jackets manufactured and sold on our website are unique and different from jackets sold elsewhere on the web.


Weathering of leather creates distressed leather jackets that are a deviation from the regular solid color leather jackets. Many people find these distressed leather jackets as more alluring and more rough and tough garments to be worn as outerwear. Owners get a vintage and worn out feeling with their distressed leather jacket which is absent with solid color leather jackets. Distressed leather jackets are for you if you do not want to feel lost in the crowd of ordinary men. However, famous designer Georgio Armani says that the beauty of distressed leather jacket lies in not standing out in a crowd but the ability to be remembered by others. People remember about your personality and talk positively when you choose to be a little different and wear a distressed leather jacket in a function or event. You won’t find lots of garments that are as rough and tough and masculine as a leather jacket. In fact, leather jacket has an attitude of itself that is easily conveyed to others. However, you run the risk of losing your identity by choosing to wear plain black leather jacket like your friends. This is where you can make a smart choice and stick to distressed leather jackets. You will get a special attention and also a unique personality that tells others not to mess with you.

Once you have made the decision to stick to distressed leather jacket, your dilemma is gone and you will not find yourself torn between plain colors jackets in the store. It is not that you will have to choose from a limited number of leather jackets when you are buying a distressed leather jacket. At Prime Jackets, we have a wide range of jackets not just in terms of colors but also in terms of collars, hoodie, and pockets. You will also find distressed leather jackets with shearling on collars, sleeves, and waist.


Prime Jackets realizes the importance of distressed leather jackets for its customers. This is the reason why we not only present replicas of the distressed leather jackets worn by celebrities but also launch our own unique designs for our esteemed clients. You can easily pick up several distressed leather jackets from our website to replenish your wardrobe for the upcoming winter season. Your distressed leather jacket goes well with all other garments irrespective of their color and fabric. Also, you can wear your distressed leather jacket with pride and confidence in all the places in the outdoors. Wear it on a shirt, T-shirt, or even a sweatshirt if you so desire. This leather jacket compliments your faded jeans and also your formal trousers.