Men’s Varsity Jacket – The Must-Have For Every Fashionista

Mens Varsity Jacket

Mens Varsity Jacket has been a staple of menswear for more than a century and continues to be a timeless fashion statement. These jackets were first worn by college athletes, but now every stylish man must own one. Any outfit will instantly look great with a classic men’s varsity jacket. These jackets, which come in a range of hues and designs, will undoubtedly become your go-to choice whenever you want to make a statement with your wardrobe and will keep you cozy, stylish, and at ease all at once!

How Should Mens Varsity Jacket Be Worn?

According to Rolling Stone, the jocks’ varsity jacket outfits have now been seized by the rock stars. We can’t dispute that the wool fabric of the jacket and the sporty appearance can still have a high school football sense to it. Classic styles had a body made of wool with a button-through neckline, two or more contrasting colors, and leather sleeves. Nonetheless, it has been evolving recently as designers create fresh and contemporary varsity jackets.

History of Letterman Bomber Jacket

Letterman Bomber Jacket

Yellow Suede Jacket

In 1865, Varsity Jacket was first spotted on young players. The baseball coach at Harvard University intended to thank the team by having a big letter “H” displayed on their wool sweaters. The jacket has subsequently been referred to as “the letterman.” The university’s football team later adopted the emblem. When the more expensive letterman jacket joined them in the early 1900s, these special letterman sweaters received an upgrade. The letterman soon evolved into the ubiquitous American college campus sweater. Colleges also proudly displayed the initials of their schools besides the names of their top athletes.

How Does Varsity Bomber Jacket Differ?

Mens Varsity Jacket

This crucial piece of button-through outerwear is also known as a “letterman jacket,” so named because it has a huge cloth letter that is typically stitched to the chest. These letters, which are often the first initial of the wearer’s school, denote that the wearer has participated in varsity athletics.

The bomber jacket and the souvenir jacket are two jacket types that are frequently confused with the varsity. This is because it has an elasticized hem and no collar. The Varsity Bomber Jacket, on the other hand, is distinct from the other two in that it has a button-through front rather than a zip, typically has two or more contrasting colors, and is typically constructed of a wool body with leather sleeves.

Why Do You Require One?

That is, after all, a genuine classic. Anyone wishing to add to their collection of jackets will find it simple to sell the varsity jacket because it is an article of outerwear with a long history and good looks on its side (most men, in our experience). It’s also fairly adaptable, so long as the colors aren’t too loud. Remember that this is more formal student attire than it is sportswear. The varsity jacket was primarily intended for wearing to team events and award ceremonies than for diving around on a muddy field.

How To Dress In A Mens Varsity Jacket?

Mens Black Varsity Jacket

Mens Black B3 RAF Bomber Jacket

That leads us to our next point. The difficulty of styling varsity jackets in a way that doesn’t make you seem like an extra from American Pie is something that appears to deter many men from investing. The most important factor in creating a good-looking varsity jacket is fit. Its slim fit should provide room for a hoodie or crewneck below, and the hem should not extend past the hips, which distinguishes it from the bomber jacket, its cropped relative.

When trying out a new appearance, it’s advisable to err on the side of classic, so choose a retro two-tone style with a solid body and contrasting sleeves or just a solid color. To be safe, stick with monochrome, but feel free to go more colorful if the rest of your outfit is nice and understated.

Mens Varsity Jacket Styles And How To Wear Them

Both a white button-down and a black varsity jacket are adaptable. By combining the two, you may put together a preppy and fashionable outfit without going crazy. The shirt should not be tucked in. A fresh white shirt always looks good with black, especially a darker hue. After which wear them with black or khaki pants.

Pastel blue jeans

You can put up an adaptable and classic outfit that will work for a variety of occasions with some well-fitting trousers and brand-new trainers. Any activity may be worn with this laid-back, casual look. The line between being too clever and being too rough is also very fine.

With black jeans

Black jeans and your letterman jacket go together. They go well together, especially when an undershirt made of wool is used. Add some boots to complete the look. To channel that “boy-next-door” atmosphere, invite some glasses.

In Boots

It’s time to put away those regular sneakers and trainers as the temperature begins to fall. The time has come to wear stylish winter boots for guys, such as Chelsea suede boots. Because—no pun intended—you don’t want to let a case of the flies mar your special moments!

College Attire

This entry might not surprise you. Varsity jackets originated in colleges and institutions, so they are not uncommon on campuses or elsewhere. Even if wearing a letterman jacket to school is obvious, you might want to think about how to make the look polished and professional. You should tuck the jacket inside your pants and wear it over a white button-down (wool fabric, in this case). The team would also benefit from a necktie.

Varsity Bomber Jacket

Mens Brown B3 RAF Bomber Jacket

Mens Brown B3 RAF Bomber Jacket

If you intend to wear the bomber jacket, which has a full varsity vibe with front button closure, keep in mind that it is a casual item and that you should strive to balance it out with some decent trousers. Choose a stylish, monochromatic pattern, layer a button-down underneath, and wear them with grey or blue chinos.

Street Fashion

The varsity jacket men can exude the urban style of contemporary streetwear. Choose retro-inspired, sporty designs, and pair them with black jeans in relaxed or slim sizes. But varsity jackets with visible embroidery on the left breast, wrists, or waist will elevate your look.

Winter Attire

In the cooler months, try wearing it with a scarf. Advice: Coordinate the scarf’s color with that of the jacket.

Office Attire 

Unless your supervisor forbids it, wear your varsity jacket outfit to work. And a blazer would defend you at all times. Save the varsity jacket outfits for after-shift activities like dates and drinks.

So, these were some of the must-haves for fashion enthusiasts!


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