DIY Disney Villain Dr. Facilier Costume

Dr. Facilier Costume
Dr. Facilier Costume

Being hostile in nature, Dr. Facilier appeared in Disney’s 2009 animated movie “The Princess and the Frog” where he was the main character. He’s such an evil doctor who plans to rule New Orleans along with his friends. As he belongs to a poor background, it clearly shows his struggle to take over New Orleans was shortly implied so he began to replace his rivals using voodoo and pawns practice.

Dr. Facilier’s Suit (Product Page)

In the whole movie, the costume and style of Dr. Facilier Costume were so unique. So many people got attracted to his suit. The fabric that is used to design this outfit is pure 100% polyester which is the highest quality fabric with a button closure at the front. Its unique dark purple color is so fascinating to his fans. There are full sleeves in a slim-fit style to make you look elegant.

Along with the narrow pant, this suit looked amazing on this character which was paired up with a white formal shirt and a purple waistcoat. It has a symmetric vest with a shawl lapel design and the slim fit look made him more modern.  This attire can be chosen for any occasional event or wedding, whereas it’s also a type of cosplay costume so it can go with your Halloween-themed dresses too. You can wear it to parties, formal dinners, or Christmas Eve.

Dr. Facilier’s Hat (Product Page)

The character of Dr.Facilier became much more fascinating with this long magician hat that is giving him a tremendous yet classy look. This black hat with a shiny red ribbon is making this piece more attractive. It is made from polyester and is a perfect size for everyone. This hat can be used to style up on a birthday party, Dr. Facilier Costume party, or Halloween festival. The best feature of this hat is that it can be washed with hands.

Dr. Facilier’s Patch (Product Page)

This is the patch that was embossed on Dr. Facilier’s hat in the movie. It is an embroidered patch with a horror-looking skull and crossbones. This patch can be used on any of your designed dresses. For instance, you are styling up into a horror-themed dress for the coming Halloween so you can utilize this patch to make it more unique. Dr. Facilier has placed this patch on his hat which has made a witchy look.

Dr. Facilier’s Purple Feather (Product Page)

An ostrich feather that looks magnificent, this feather has been used as an accessory in the movie. It will look amazing if we keep it on the table for decorations and ornaments. The best thing about this accessory is that it is being cleaned and sanitized properly so it won’t become hygienic it is kept at home for the purpose of decorations. It can be paired up with other different types and colors of feathers so your ordinary party becomes a fun one.

Dr. Facilier’s Walking Cane (Product Page)

A walking cane was used by Dr. Facilier in his character. He used to carry it in his hand and walk with it. This stick is made up of wooden material and a silver round-shaped ball is present at the top of this cane.

Dr. Facilier’s Multi-colored silk Cumberbund (Product Page)

Have you seen Dr.Facilier’s Cumberbund? It was used by him during the whole movie. It is available in so many different colors but this unique red color looks astonishing.

Dr. Facilier’s Necklace (Product Page)

Dr.Facilier has worn this precious necklace which looks incredible on his neck. This is roughly about 20cms long in the length and theme was inspired by the shape of the tooth. It is used in the movie to make his character look witchier.

Dr. Facilier’s Shoes (Product Page)

The most liked footwear by the fans is this pair of shoes used by Dr.Facilier in his movie ‘The Princess and The Frog”. It is an imported piece of shoes having the high quality that can be proven by its appearance and look. The sole of this Dr Facilier Costume shoe is synthetic as well as pure. The long-lasting nature and the outer skin is the best. A lot more colors are also available for this piece.

Dr. Facilier’s Tarot Deck (Product Page)

Last but not least Dr.Facilier’s play cards were so unique and interesting for kids. You can have this deck of cards too. The material used to manufacture the cards is quite good. Also, the satisfying images on these cards are so beautiful yet give an aesthetic look to everyone.

All the accessories and outfits of this character are loved by all the fans of this movie. Moreover, the sense of outfits designed for Dr.Facilier is stylish and up-to-date. The Dr. Facilier Costume used in the movie for his character depicts a look of a horrible witch who’s aggressive and bitter in nature. In spite of this fact, his admirers praised him for the costumes he wore. 

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