How you can Style up like Bonnie and Clyde Costume

Bonnie and Clyde Costume

Bonnie and Clyde is an American crime drama which revolves around an old-fashioned girl from a small place fall in love with a boy who used to rob the bank. They used to be really skillful robbers who find small banks to rob it and got popularity among Oklahoma to Texas. Both the movie stars Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were glamorized with attractive scenes where they were madly in love with each other. The ending was also a unique one. This film is usually famous for its exhausted conventions. On the other hand, the range of outfit that has been grabbed by the cast is incredible. The fans of this movie got extremely fascinated by the choice of their clothes.

Let’s see how you can style up like Bonnie and Clyde Costume that have been designed throughout the movie. The people who admired this couple for their looks also wanted to adopt their styles so there is a list of outfits they had in the movie.

Bonnie’s Costume Range

Sweater(Product Page)

In winters, this Bonnie and Clyde Costume is a must try for you. It is made up of the mixture of rabbit hair blend which is so light weight and oversized in a baggy style. It can be styled up with different jeans and as in the movie Bonnie has wore this sweater on a short skirt so it looks elegant. It’s basically a pull on sweater having a boat neck with a stylish look. This piece makes you stay warm and cheerful throughout the colder seasons. It has long sleeves and available in highlighting colors.


Skirt(Product Page)

Along with the sweater, this short skirt has been paired to make it look more fashionable. It’s in camel color which is a basic shade to have with other outfits too. This all season light weight skirt is best suited for your casual wears. It has no pockets and designs but is stretchable that’s easy to wear. This skirt is having cut creases so it looks more attractive on you.

Wool Hat

Wool Hat(Product Page)

Say hello to winters with this woolen hat used by Bonnie in her Movie. It looked astonishing in camel color. This hat can be worn in multiple ways and on several dresses.


Shoes(Product Page)

Get rid of your old-fashioned ordinary shoes and replace it with this Bonnie’s shoes that she has paired up with skirt and a sweater. It has a comfortable sole as well. 


The wig that has been used in the movie is in blonde color having shiny polypropylene material that looks modern on Bonnie. It is in a short Bob style with a fringe.


Bandana (Product Page)

A scarf type fabric used by Bonnie is her Bandana which she took her on neck and knotted it back. Without this piece, the character of Bonnie is incomplete. It is in a pure cotton fabric that is also breathable.

Clyde Costume Range


Suit (Product Page)

The suit which has been designed for Clyde in this amazing movie is purely of a polyester fabric. This Bonnie and Clyde Costume is designed in such a way that it’s presenting a criminal look to Clyde. There is a blazer having a lining print of it along with the same printed trouser. You can have this outfit for any formal or costume party.


Shirt (Product Page)

For the suit, this shirt was placed to make this character look more like a criminal formally. This is a simple white shirt with button closure at the front. This is a light weight formal shirt that has been made from pure cotton. It also has a pocket at the chest with collar as well. 


Pistol (Product Page)

Without pistol, what’s a criminal? To give him a scary look pistol has also added to the Clyde’s collection.


Hat (Product Page)

Clyde’s hat was his identification in the movie. It looks so trendy with any of your Bonnie and Clyde Costume so you can dress up like him.


Shoes (Product Page)

Next product is this black leather shoes which Clyde has used in the movie, it’s giving a gangster look to him.


Tie (Product Page)

When a proper getup is done, tie is a must thing that draws a professional look. It has black and white stripes on a silk fabric. 

So these were all the clothing items and stylish outfits utilized on Bonnie and Clyde’s love story while they robbed the banks in the best professional manner. Bonnie looked so beautiful and Clyde gave “professional criminal” looks in the whole movie.

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