How to Wear a Blue Suit and Brown Shoes – A Style Guide

How to Wear a Blue Suit and Brown Shoes – A Style Guide

Whether you’re dressing for a wedding, a smart-casual event, or a formal affair this year, choosing the proper shoe color is essential to looking polished and put-together. Blue might be navy, royal, or powder. Since it can interpret formally, some state figures, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Justin Trudeau, and Prince Harry, proudly wear true blue suits. Blue outfit with brown footwear creates an excellent base for non-traditional color combinations, tie patterns, and unique dress sock designs. Thus we have created a guide to avoiding any outfit and shoe mistakes and discuss different combinations such as a blue with brown footwear, a navy suit brown shoes, a navy blue suit brown shoes, brown footwear blue pants, what color shoes for a blue apparel, shoes for a royal blue costume.

Blue Suit, Brown Shoes—Classic Or Mistake?

blue suit brown shoes

Most people think a pristine Blue outfit with polished leather brown boots looks classy. However, professional circles tend to disapprove. First impressions count; therefore, what you wear to an interview matter. A Blue outfit and brown footwear are a somewhat annoying combo, perhaps because it is a half-hearted attempt at revolt, hinting towards originality without taking risks.

Wearing Suits With Brown Boots

The Blue Suit Brown Shoes combo is crisp, professional, and attractive, and given the colors, it’s not the easiest pairing. include navy, mysterious, brilliant, and all in combination. Browns vary—chestnut, light, tan, etc. Just the popular undertones. Brown is without a doubt the finest color shoe to wear with a blue outerwear, but before we get into the intricacies of how to pull it off, it is worth taking a moment to understand why. Let us look at some of the features that make this such a classic and undeniably stylish combo.

As previously said, one of the key reasons the Blue Suit Brown Shoes combination works best because it blends two colors that have entirely distinct but extremely complimentary impacts on your overall look. Depending on the tint, blue may express a wide range of emotions. Dark, such as midnight and navy, quickly indicate depth, competence, and refinement. Meanwhile, softer tones imply trustworthiness, dependability, and tranquility. In any case, it is a hue that speaks to a man’s intellect and character. Brown, on the other hand, refers to a man’s physical presence. Brown is an earthy hue; it is the color of soil, earth, and fall, lending it a rough, and hence the manly, appeal.

You get the best of both worlds by pairing these two colors with your suit and shoes: It enhances your sense of confidence and character. Furthermore, the brown conveys the idea that, while you are dressed up today, you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and dig down in the mud when necessary.

Wearing a Suit with Brown Shoes

blue suit with brown shoes

The navy blue suit with brown shoes is one of the most secure and unimpeachable variations of the clothing and brown footwear pairing. A solid rule of thumb for selecting the best blue outfit shoes is to avoid lighter tones of brown. Take the following in mind while matching specific shades of it with certain shades of brown footwear: Darker color, such as navy and midnight, look great with richer browns, such as deep chocolate, or reddish browns, such as beautiful pair of burgundy shoes. The navy suit brown shoes screams elegance and class, which is why you see it on business people, politicians, and attorneys so frequently of all, just because they wear this outfit frequently, does not imply they are great at it.

Each group violates one or more of the fundamentals of how to wear a suit with flair. Businesspeople typically match it with garishly bright ties. Continue reading to find out what ties you should wear instead. Politicians often wear one-to-two sizes too large men’s suits, and attorneys, well… Contrary to what Harvey Specter would have us think, attorneys have a habit of making even the classic pairings appear less than perfect.  But don’t be misled by the fact that this is a business-world standard: The Blue outfit and dark brown footwear look equally good at weddings and other social formal occasions as they do at a job interview or business conference. The objective is to avoid repeating the same errors as the previously described groupings.

Here Are Some Of The Combinations:

  • A dark clothing and dark footwear are perfect for business meetings.
  • Navy-color dress and well-fitting trousers look great with dark boots.
  • For informal events, pair your basic clothing with black shoes or boots and add a shoe-colored belt.
  • Wear your favorite light clothing with light or dark footwear for a casual event.
  • A royal dress, brown shoes blue pants, tie, white shirt, and casual brown loafers can also seem smart.
  • Brown or tan driving shoes match light blue button-up shirts with a few buttons undone.
  • You can wear more than casual clothing, and Brown sneakers can match blue pinstripes. Also, plain brown shoes blue pants goes well.
  • Weekend plans? Wear your blue clothing with a pullover and brown sneakers.

Coordinate Watches And Belts


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One of the most important pieces of advice I advise to customers buying their first suit is to keep the color of all their leather accessories consistent. However, this is one of the most prevalent errors committed by both rookie and experienced suit wearers.

Since we’ve reviewed dress rules and the acceptability of wearing different hues for different situations, this combination allows you to mix and match colors and patterns. Our focus is:


White Shirt

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When in doubt, choose a pristine white shirt, as White, light pink, or blue shirts with brown footwear make the Suit’s fabric pop.

Keep these alternative shirt colors basic and light if you’re attending formal gatherings. If not, wear a brighter pink or blue shirt.

Brown footwear

Brown footwear

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Brown boots look great with a blue clothing. You can’t go wrong if you choose the right color (dark Suit, dark chestnut Brown, lighter Suit, lighter brown, or tan).

Square toes are the single no-no, except for cowboy boots. Stick to brown dress shoes with rounded toes to avoid looking like Johnny Depp at a wedding.

Polished and rounded lace-ups and slip-on are in superb taste.


The blue outerwear-brown footwear combination is perfect for suit devotees or those wishing to spice up their suit game. Blue dress are the black Suit’s closest relative in terms of sophisticated and timeless elegance. Brown footwear match the blue outfit better than black ones. Therefore this color combo may represent fashion’s coffee and cigarettes without harming your health.

The blue outfit combines elegance and originality, two desirable elements in any outfit. Brown loafers enhance blue. These clothing items exist in different colors, styles, and forms and are suitable for formal, professional, and casual settings.

Black Or Brown Shoes For A Blue Outfit?

brown shoes

As with anything, the blue dress and brown sandals combo have their haters. This idea dates back to when black dress shoes were the only formal shoes, and brown sandals were for casual gatherings or warm weather.

The desire to honor tradition by wearing tried-and-true outfits underpins such advice. However, rules are meant to be broken. We might still be wearing top hats and mustaches. Luckily, times are changing, and any fashion-forward male will try to stay up with the blue and brown times.

Wearing a blue outfit with brown boots is a daring move, which is one of the reasons it is so effective. As previously said, a classic wardrobe that can be worn anywhere, and as a result, many people do. However, wearing a blue dress with brown loafers is a rare occurrence, which is a shame because it looks fantastic.

How to Look Great with a Blue Outfit And Brown Footwear

The combination of a blue outfit and brown loafers will undoubtedly make you stand out from the crowd. However, one of the reasons it is less common is that it is more difficult to execute. All of the guidelines and recommendations I discussed for blue dress above apply to blue costumes as well, but suits on the lighter side of the spectrum have their own set of restrictions that you should be aware of. The first and most crucial is that if your outfit is blue, you should keep everything else light. This implies keeping white for your top. For your shoes, use a lighter tone of brown, such as sand, rather than mud. Brown footwear with an orange hue, rather than a deep red or purple hue, complement looks the best.

Wearing A Navy Suit With Brown Shoes

This design of navy blue dress with brown boots is versatile due to the many colors and tints, whereas Shades depends on the outfit’s formality. Various occasions have different dress codes. Thus, you should follow the accepted color and shade combinations for the following occasions and circumstances.

  • Workplace
  • Business casual
  • Formal

What Color Shoes For A Royal Blue Suit?

brown shoes blue pants

If you’re looking to find what color shoes for blue suit to wear, then you’re at the right place! Royal blue is a versatile suit color. It suits are smart and easygoing, great for business, weddings, and other formal gatherings. They replace black suits. What color shoes go with a royal blue dress? Brown tones—light or dark—go well with navy blue. From rich chocolate to lighter tan, brown leather, or suede, Oxfords or brogues with a navy suit always look great.

Blue dress, the modern cousin of the navy, are perfect for informal situations. Paler blues match lighter browns as navy suits do. Choose tan leather or suede instead of deeper colors to match your blue apparel. Well, you might have got answer for what color shoes for royal blue dress?

Your clothes show your personality and confidence. So, dress for the occasion such as:


Today, brown shoes for royal blue suit are a typical wedding ensemble. This clothing code lets you experiment with unusual accessories, color combinations, and other aspects. For formal, classic occasions, the same thing. Men wore tuxedos or black suits for weddings, formal occasions, and televised events. Today, a blue ensemble looks attractive as a black satin lapel.

Casual Business Events

Most workplaces allow business casual. Some companies have severe dress codes as Business casual workplaces allow more casual color combinations. If you work there, wear a blue clothing with brown boots. This outfit is perfect for work and play.


Consider the occasion and atmosphere before wearing the blue outfit and brown footwear. Before wearing blue and brown, verify with your employer. This combo may not work at large corporations, where black shoes and a brown suit are expected.


The blue-suit-brown-shoes combo works well for “casual” events that require “polish,” such as Exhibits, Theater, Conferences, Weddings, and Receptions.

Style Tips for Wearing a Blue Apparel With Brown Footwear

For obvious reasons, the blue-brown color combination is one of the most iconic color combinations in menswear such as shoes for royal blue suit. Blue expresses a cold elegance, while brown adds an earthy roughness; combined, they give that ideal balance of sharpness and power that so many of us want. The issue is that dressing in style entails far more than simply choosing the perfect color combination. I wish I could tell you that if you put on a blue outfit and brown sneakers, you will look like a catalog model or a movie star. However, the fact is that there is a lot more to make the appearance work. Fortunately, once you have mastered the art of mixing blue dresses with brown footwear, you will not only know how to wear them but also how to rock them.

Everything you need to know to appear smart and stand out in a blue dress and brown loafer collection is provided here.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when wearing blue and brown footwear:

navy blue suit with brown shoes

Fit is King:

I have provided a complete guide for blue outfit brown footwear, exhaustive discussion of how your outfit should fit elsewhere. As a result, I will not go into too much detail here, but I will say this: It does not matter how costly your suit and shoes are, or how well you have coordinated the colors of each. If your suit does not fit properly, it will not look half as fantastic as it should.

Keep the Shirt Color Light:

Another common error I see far too many people do while wearing culture navy suits or any other color is wearing a shirt that is as dark as the suit itself. Whether you are browsing the websites of trendy menswear businesses like Suit Supply, Bonobos, or Indochina, or movies and TV programs showing suit-wearing pop culture heroes like Don Draper, Steve McQueen, and Neal Caffey, you will find something consistent: They never mix dark suits with dark shirts.

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