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Army of Thieves Merchandise Collections

Thriller movies are the highest-grossing movies in the cinema. Army of Thieves Jacket is a thriller comedy film released in October 2021. It was directed by Mtthias Schweighofer. The movie is based on the story of Zack Snyder. The movie Army of the dead is also associated with this film. The cast of the movie includes Nathalie Emmanuel, Stuart Martin, Matthias and Stuart Martin and Jonathan Cohen. The movie was released on Netflix. It receives good reviews from general people and critics.

The storyline is interesting, and all the actors have performed well. But the actors’ outfits have also played a vital role in the success. Many of our customers were asking for these outfits. So, we have added a dedicated section for the outfits. You can get your preferred outfit here.

Starting with Brad Cage’s jacket, manufactured with fleece and PU leather. The Army Of Thieves Jacket is a great combination of green and black colours. Brad has worn it with a pair of jeans. It’s perfect for a casual look and suitable for every age. Various other outfits are available in our collection, and you can choose according to your preferences.

We have manufactured these Army Of Thieves Outfit with the best quality fabric. Not just the fabric but the inner lining, zips, hooks and buttons are also top-notch quality. We stitch according to the best quality standards. Our products are like the ones shown on the website.

We make these designer products accessible for common people. The best designers of the industry design these Army Of Thieves Jacket, and everyone cannot afford to buy them. We offer the best quality outfits at an affordable price. You can get some discounts; discount codes are mentioned with each product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Army of thieves Outfit is taken from a Zombie movie?

A: This film is a prequel to Army of dead, so we can say it is related to Zombies, but it’s not a typical zombie movie.

Q: Is it a real story?

A: The character of Richard Wagner is the real, who was a German composer. All the other characters and movies are fictitious and have no connection with reality.

Q: Can we expect a sequel to the movie?

A: After the success of this film, the makers of the movie has announced the sequel Army of Dead: Lost Vegas. This is expected to be an anime movie.

Q: How many safes are there in it?

A: There are four safes in the film. Three of them were successfully open, but 4th one is at an unknown place and not yet open.

Q: Who is Hans Wagner?

A: Wagner was a German safe designer. During the last years of his life, he built four safes that were hard to open. Ludwig Dieter decided to open them one by one, and with time it became his passion for opening these vaults.

Q: How did Hans Wagner die?

A: He locked himself in a safe and died inside the same vault. The safe was dropped in the sea with his body. He wanted to prove himself a genius, and no one could solve his riddled safes.

Q: How can I get my size in Army of Thieves Jacket?

A: We manufactured these jackets in various sizes from x – small to 4X large; you can choose any size. However, our sizes are according to international standards, so make sure to check our size chart before placing the order. If your size does not match any of our sizes, you can place a customized order. We charge a little extra for that, but the product will be manufactured according to your perfect size.

Q: Is Army of Thieves Jacket made with leather?

A: No, we use the product’s material, according to the original product. The majority of our products are manufactured with leather, but we have a wide range of choices in terms of fabric. You can get leather jackets, woollen products, fleece, satin, cotton, and other fabrics. We use the finest quality material to make these products.

Q: How do I contact your team?

A: You can contact our customer care team, available around the clock. They work 24/7 to answer your questions. Send us an email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Moreover, our contact number is also available on our website, you can call us directly. We have pages on all social media platforms; you can follow them for the latest updates and information about the products.

Q: What is the preferred currency for the payment?

A: We try to facilitate our customers in every possible way. We accept payments in US dollars, Pound sterling and Euro, whatever you prefer. Our payment methods are completely safe and secure, and you will not face any problems during the process. Pay through a Visa card, mastercard or PayPal, whatever you like.

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