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National Wear Red Day 2021

Have you brought your red dress for 5th February If not, get it now? If you have no idea why you are supposed to wear red on this specific day, read these few lines, and you will know!

February is Heart Month

The first Friday of February is designated as wear red day to raise awareness about people's heart health in general and women. It was started in 2003 so that people can understand the gravity of the situation. When it comes to the causes of women's death, heart diseases are in number one place. Cancer is another important reason behind women's mortality, but heart diseases take more lives of women than all the types of cancers, collectively.                   

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Heart Disease is for Old People

Awareness is the first step that leads towards the action and eventually to the eradication of any disease. Heart diseases affect more than 50,000 women in the United States of America every year, which is alarming. If women are aware, they will take measures to control the causes and avoid the factors that cause heart disease. Another interesting fact is the age of women. It is a misconception that elder women are most affected by cardiovascular diseases. According to a recent survey, the number of young women suffering from heart diseases is more than elder ones.

Different countries run different campaigns to cause awareness, but in the United States, Red color is used for this purpose. The red color is associated with alarm and caution, as we see red lights on the roads. The red color is about getting attraction and national wear red day highlights women's hearts. 

Wear Red and Give

On national wear Red day, all men and women are encouraged to wear red dresses to raise awareness. A shirt, a cap, a jacket, or even a red pin will serve the purpose. All the states celebrate this day. Wear red day is about educating people about women's health. Different NGOs who work for this cause arrange different functions and activities. They ask for donations and raise funds as well.

This year, in 2021, the National wear Red day will be celebrated on the 5th day of February. You can find a variety of red outfits in local shops and online stores as well.

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Collection of Red Jackets and Coats

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Celebrate National Wear Red day

So, celebrate National wear Red day to support women's health. The awareness will help women get educated about the disease, and they will be able to read the early warnings and signs. Awareness leads to proper medication and fewer deaths because of cardiovascular diseases. Women are advised to keep an eye on their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. National wear red day reminds them of all those measures, which they can take to avoid this disease. Your little effort can make a big difference in saving someone's life. You can show your concern about the lives of women of your country, your mother, sister, daughter, and spouse. So, wear red and save women's lives, we can help you find a pretty outfit, according to your personality.